The Story behind Casteel Custom Bottling

Jon Casteel grew up in the wine industry along with his brother and cousins on Bethel Heights Vineyard. He spent his childhood working for his Uncle Ted in the vineyard, and helping his father, Terry, in the winery.

In 2000, Jon took a harvest job for Rex Hill Vineyards, where he worked alongside his older brother, Ben. Jon left Rex Hill in 2001 to work harvest for Montana Wines in Gisborne New Zealand, and after three months of work and travel, Jon returned home and took a full time position as a cellar assistant at Rex Hill Vineyards. Soon after he was promoted to Cellar Master.

This new promotion was a great opportunity, but also came with significantly more responsibility. Along with managing people and wine production, Jon had to keep all of the various pieces of equipment that Rex Hill owned well maintained.

The bottling line was by far the most complex and demanding piece of machinery. In 2003, Jon worked alongside a great local technician to completely restore the Rex Hill bottling line. This was a great learning experience, and made Jon realize the challenges and expense involved in owning and operating a bottling line.

Jon knew that with his years of practical experience in both winery operations and bottling, he could offer a great relief and service to wineries at one of the most critical stages of production. Jon knew it wouldn’t be easy, as he was not the first one to think of mobile bottling services. There was already a well- known, and well-respected mobile bottling company in the area, but Jon felt there was room for more in a rapidly growing wine industry.

Jon approached Bethel Heights with a proposal for a partnership in purchasing their very own mobile bottling truck. The family agreed, and Casteel Custom Bottling began in January of 2006 with the original Truck 1, and since has grown to offer two mobile trucks, and now a bottling facility in McMinnville, OR.

Jon is now the sole owner of Casteel Custom Bottling, and with the help of his experienced and well- trained employees, he continues to take a hands on approach to his business to ensure his clients remain confident in his service.